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Saving Kar2ouche storyboards

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Some tips on how to save Kar2ouche storyboards:

  • When you are working on a Kar2ouche storyboard intermittent saves are recommended.  Once the first save is set up, each save after this should simply keep overwriting the same storyboard file (not creating a new storyboard each time it is saved unless you specifically wish to).  This will avoid duplicate storyboards being created, save disk space and reduce confusion on when the last save took place.

  • The file paths where you save Kar2ouche files should be configured by the ICT Administrator at the time of installation.  If the school uses external storage hardware such as zip drives, external drives, etc. then this should be reflected in the configuration (see for information) and users should be aware of where they need to save their Kar2ouche files.  Most schools set up home directories (personal folders) for users to save their Kar2ouche files.

  • Kar2ouche can be configured to autosave Kar2ouche files.  The default autosave is every 5 minutes.  This may not be suitable for some network so please increase this if required.  Please see for more information on this setting.

  • When you save a Kar2ouche storyboard the Kar2ouche Save As box pops up allowing you to choose where the storyboard file will be saved, etc.   Make sure the Save Custom Files box is ticked.  This will ensure that the storyboard and all the custom files (sounds, backgrounds, etc) are included in the one storyboard file.  If it is not ticked then there is a risk that custom files will not be saved with the storyboard as you might expect.

  • Some schools have created media servers to allow users to create new sound files, images, etc. to share with everyone else.  This is a great idea if your ICT environment has a spare server or disk space to facilitate such a service.

  • Some schools have asked for advice on naming conventions for saving Kar2ouche storyboard files.  We suggest that the creators name and the content title or subject matter is in the path to assist teachers and ICT Administrators in identifying storyboard files in case they are lost.  There have been occasions also where users have needed to create several different versions of the same storyboard so in this case we suggest users add a version number to the end of the save name.

  • Ask if your ICT Administrator has a backup mechanism for backing up files (an automated process to copy files saved on servers, etc).  Should a user accidentally delete a Kar2ouche storyboard, the backup mechanism may be able to recover an older version of the storyboard.

  • If a user reports that their Kar2ouche storyboard has been saved into a format that will not allow them to edit it (it has an orange presentation screen), please contact us as this is likely to be caused by a very old version of Kar2ouche (pre-Build 25).  We can remedy the 'hyperlinked' storyboards in most cases and will ask you to send them to our technical team to fix.  If this is the case, please upgrade to the latest version of Kar2ouche Composer as soon as possible to avoid this happening.  Please see for more information.
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